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Canadian OpenStack Private Cloud

OpenStack is reliable, scalable, and secure solution, that deliver control over your private cloud infrastructure.

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Private Cloud Powered by OpenStack

The most popular Open Source Virtualization Solution for Private Cloud


OpenStack is an open source cloud computing orchestrator that controls the computing, storage, and networking of your infrastructure. It can be managed through a web-based dashboard or using the Openstack APIs.

Open Source

OpenStack is free to use, distribute and modify, which means it’s cheaper than its proprietary counterpart. Due to its open source model, OpenStack provides you all its modular components, without restrain.

Flexible Solution

The OpenStack Project is the result of an amalgam of open source project oriented towards cloud hosting solutions. Each of these services has been designed to meet specific needs, so that you can design a customized platform to meet your business needs.


Nova serves the purpose of organizing server resources, allowing you to provision and manage Virtual Machines in your private cloud environment, to get better performance, flexibility, and elasticity to match your business needs.

Networking with Neutron

Neutron is an OpenStack project that provides networking as a service to your private cloud environment, allowing you to connect to any supported third party networking provider. Neutron includes multiple networking technologies, such as switches, routers, software-defined networking, subnets, and private network.

Block Storage with Cinder

Cinder is an OpenStack project that empowers you to manage any compatible storage solutions. It virtualizes storage, allowing the end user to manage volumes and deployment seamlessly with various OpenStack projects. The main advantages of Cinder are its compatibility with a large number of open source Software Defined Storage (SDS), such as Ceph, DRBD, etc., and its ability to create persistent storage that can be relocated, even if your VMs are discontinued.

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Dedicated Technical Executive

GloboTech’s Dedicated Technical Account Manager will work with you and your team to plan, deploy, and monitor your private cloud architecture, and help your business overcome the challenges of the future.

Strong Service Level Agreement

GloboTech's focuses on creating and strengthening long-term relationships with all its clients. Our servers are backed by one of the best SLAs in the hosting industry, with clear and straightforward guarantees.

Enterprise Grade Hardware

Our servers are designed exclusively with enterprise-grade hardware, resulting in lower unrecoverable data errors, better speed, and stability.

Infrastructure Migration

Migrating a website or a server from one host to another can be challenging, let GloboTech staff assist you by creating a migration plan and performing the migration for you.

Learn more about OpenStack

Discover how corporations from the fortune 100 benefits from the usage of OpenStack.

Companies such as PayPal, BMW, Volkswagen now support their business operations with OpenStack, proving the viability of the solution in a production environment. It provides a reliable, scalable, and secure private cloud environment for businesses around the world.

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  • 100% Power & Infrastructure Uptime
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Frequently Asked Questions

about OpenStack Private Cloud

What are the advantages of OpenStack compared to other stack solutions?

OpenStack combines all the main advantages of server virtualization, such as; increased flexibility, resource optimization, cost reduction and improved security. The core advantages of OpenStack in the virtualization industry are its open source approach and its active community.

Why do I need Management with an OpenStack Private Cloud?

While OpenStack was designed to be versatile, it contains several projects that must communicate together to function effectively. GloboTech eliminates IT burden and reduces time to market by managing your private cloud infrastructure for you.

Which OpenStack projects are supported by GloboTech?

GloboTech Communications support most of the core components of OpenStack, including: Nova, Cinder, Neutron, Glance, Horizon, …. You can browse through all OpenStack project here.

What is the cost of an OpenStack solution?

Due to the Open Source nature of the OpenStack project, there is no cost associated with the acquisition of the solution itself. The cost of running an OpenStack private cloud vary depending on the usage, the risk management (redundancy), the hardware requirements and the level of management required. We recommend you contact one of our sales consultant to get a quote now.