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Server colocation services

Shared Colocation per U

1U server

Half to Full Rack

Half and full cab

Multiple Rack
Private Cage
Private Suite

Private cage
Green Data Center - Globotech

GloboTech Communications Data Center

A sustainable Data Center using energy efficient technologies

Natural weather location benefits

The Montreal location provides perfect free cold air cooling which raise our PUE efficiency greatly

Aisle containment

By using hot and cold air aisle containment, we can reuse the temperature air to reduce energy consumption by the Data Center

Colocation Features



Security is prime and critical when it comes to Data Centers. 24/7/365 guarded security, mantraps, Bio identifications, card controlled zones, all around cameras, everything is in place to make your infrastructure secure.



We understand that flexibility is important to our customers as things in IT is very dynamic and always changing. GloboTech Communications is providing maximum flexiblity for their space, power, networks used and bandwidth to fulfill any colocation requirements.



Need a hand to work on your infrastructure remotely? Let our Data Center expert technicians assist you 24/7/365 to work on your behalf for all technical and provisioning works.



GloboTech Communications offers Per U, Half rack, full cab(s) and private suites for our customers which can all be cross-connected to fulfill your requirements.

Colocation FAQ

Answers to our frequently asked questions.

What is Server Colocation Services?

It’s a server hosting services where our clients bring their own servers and hardware to rack them into cabinets within our state of the art data center. We provide the cabinet space (1U, 2U or more half cabinet – full cabinet), electricity and the internet bandwidth according to your server requirements.

Will I have access 24/7 to my colocations services?

We do provide your own access card so you will have 24/7 access to your services if you are using an half cabinet, full cabinet and private suites. If you are using shared colocation spaces (In terms of 1U, 2U, etc.), you will need to be escorted by our staff.

Do you offer remote hands services?

Yes, we have on-site technicians 24/7 that will be able to do your work on your behalf. From our customer portal, you will be able to generate a ticket for our tech staff with the descriptions of the work to do using a specific form. Documents can also be uploaded (jpeg and png only) in order to have a better view and topology of your server infrastructure.

How can I place an order for your server colocation services?

Please contact our sales team using or fill out the form using with your requirements. Our sales agents will be glad to make you a quote fulfilling your server colocation requirements

Need advice to choose the perfect hosting solution?

We're here to help you to choose the best colocation option

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Contact our experts so we can tailor a solution adapted to your colocation requirements.

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