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Cloud Storage

Backup as a Service

Your data will be safely backed up on our Cloud Storage. Our Managed Backup infrastructure is built using only enterprise grade equipment and our support team will ensure that it runs every day so you can rest easy.

Private Dedicated Server

Dedicated Backup Storage

We can tailor solutions for any customer regardless of how many servers or how much data there is to safeguard. Let our staff build and maintain the perfect single-tenant backup platform for you.

Managed Backup

GloboTech's Enterprise Backup Solution

Is the fear of data-loss keeping you up at night?

  • Bare Metal backup and restore
    Restore a complete server quickly without reinstalling your OS and applications
  • Flexible restore option
    Protect your data safely and securely
  • Multiple restore points
    Restore your data to a specific point in time
  • Support various Operating Systems
    From Linux servers to Windows servers
  • Flexible backup scheduling
    Hourly, daily or as needed
  • Incremental data backups
    Save space by only adding data that has changed on your server
  • Backup single or multiple servers
    One solution for all your backup requirements

Backup as a Service

Cloud Storage

Pay only for what you use

Use the guide to determine how much space you will need for your backups. All our managed backups can be modified and expanded as your needs grow. Once the initial full backup is completed for your server, a daily, incremental backup will be performed and we will keep seven days of restore points for you.

Available with all our products

Cloud Hosting Dedicated Hosting



25 GB
50 GB
100 GB
250 GB
500 GB
1000 GB
2000 GB
All prices in CAD. See prices in USD.

Dedicated Backup Storage

Private Dedicated Server
Start-Up Backup Storage

Start-Up Storage

From 199$ /mo

Managed Backup Solution
2x2TB Raid1 Software
5 Backup server License
Gbps Port
Extra license / 20$ each per month
Mid Backup Storage

Mid Storage

From 249$ /mo

Managed Backup Solution
2x3TB Raid1 Software
10 Backup License
Gbps Port
Extra license / 20$ each per month
Large Backup Storage

Large Storage

From 399$ /mo

Managed Backup Solution
2x4TB Raid1 Hardware
20 Backup License
Gbps Port
Extra license / 20$ each per month

All prices in CAD. See prices in USD.
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