OpenSSH 8.0 released

OpenSSH version 8.0 OpenSSH 8.0 has just been released. It will be available from the mirrors listed at https://www.openssh.com/ shortly. Addressing SCP vulnerability This new release of OpenSSH have a better security and some new key features: Quantum-computing resistant key exchange method: This is one of the most promising feature.New default RSA key size: 3072 bits.Mitigation

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Apr. 18, 2019

CentOS 6 EOL

CentOS 6 End of Life (EOL)

The Safest Way to Transition from CentOS 6 to CentOS 7 CentOS users should be aware that the CentOS 6 will be reaching its end of life (EOL) in the 4th quarter of 2020. This means users will have no alternative but to upgrade to CentOS 7. Otherwise, there will not have any new OS and security updates at the end of 2020. Upgrading to CentOS 7 A lot of users assume that the easiest

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Apr. 15, 2019

B0r0nt0k Ransomware

B0r0nt0k - What is it and how can you avoid it? B0r0nt0k is the latest piece of ransomware that is specifically targeting Windows and Linux based servers. Whilst the first generation of ransomware primarily targeted end users, many cybercriminals have moved on to targeting servers owned by medium sized and large enterprises in the belief that the victim is more likely to pay up as the

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Apr. 08, 2019

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Experience the NVMe Storage performances is an important aspect of your hosting. As technologies evolves around the storage units part, it can be quite an upgrade for you and your business. A big increase of IOPS and storage bandwidth using PCIe can greatly accelerate your server's performances. Come check out our new EXTREME IOPS Dedicated Server lineup selection with NVMe PCIe SSDs:

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Apr. 04, 2019

Manage a Linux Server

How to Manage a Linux Server

How to Manage a Linux Server Linux servers are based on the Linux open-source system but are more powerful than the standard operating system and can handle the high demand that businesses may require. Linux servers are excellent at handling network administration tasks, system administration, database management needs, and web applications or services. Linux servers may be chosen for a

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Apr. 16, 2018