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DDoS Protection in Canada

GloboTech's Intelligent DDoS Mitigation Platform

Included FREE with all our Dedicated Servers and VPS Cloud Servers

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Offering DDoS Protected Dedicated Servers since the early 2000's

Robust Technology and GloboTech's Expertise

We have been protecting our Clients from DDoS attacks for more than 15 years and we have accumulated in-depth knowledge and experience in mitigating against these malicious activities. Let the experts at GloboTech secure your server now.

Protection up to 10 GBPS

Protection up to 10 GBPS

Our Cloud and Dedicated Servers include up to 10Gbps DDoS protection as part of our Fundamental Management plan. The protection is built-in and you don’t need to configure anything on the server.

Instant Protection

No Action required.
Instant Protection

Once your server is activated on GloboTech's network, our Intelligent DDoS Mitigation Platform will protect your infrastructure without requiring any human intervention.

Transparent to the end-users

Transparent to the end-users

Our DDoS Protection is designed to be fully transparent to you and your end-users by using state-of-the-art technologies coupled with our extensive knowledge on DDoS Mitigation.

Free DDoS protection

Free with all our Dedicated Servers and Cloud Servers

All our Cloud and Dedicated Servers now include FREE DDoS protection. Choose the server that best suits your needs and let GloboTech protect you.

Get your server and DDoS Protection from GloboTech

Simplify your hosting infrastructure and rely on our 15 years of experience providing DDoS Protected hosting solutions.

DDoS Protection is included free of charge
with all our Dedicated Servers and VPS Cloud Servers

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