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Robust & efficient:

The core objectives of GloboTech's High availability Clusters

By using multiple servers working together, you benefit from a robust infrastructure capable of processing your visitor traffic, and as all our clusters are managed, our team of experts will be available to monitor and fine tune your cluster to accommodate the growth of your traffic



As your web traffic grows, it is of vital importance that your hosting infrastructure keep up with the increased demand. You invest in your website and brand, so why let your web visitors down by not having the proper resources to handle your success!

High Availability

High Availability

By eliminating all single points of failure from both the server and network level, GloboTech offers a high-availability solution that provides the maximum uptime for your web-based content and applications.

High Availability Cluster

Clustering + High Availability at GloboTech

By combining Clustering and High Availability, GloboTech provides the ultimate in security, scalability and redundancy for the most demanding requirements. Trust GloboTech's team to manage your High Availability Cluster so you can focus on your business and benefit from our experience in enterprise hosting.

When your business relies on its online presence for success, trust GloboTech to provide you the most reliable hosting infrastructure.

A few server cluster structures:

A must when load balancing, backup and failover are your main concerns.

Cluster Structure - Basic

Web Cluster Fully Redundant

2 or more Web Servers✓
2 Database Server in Master/Master configuration✓
Redundant Switches✓
Private VLAN✓
Up to 10Gbit Uplink Connection✓
Cluster Structure - Replication

Web Server + Database

Initial Cluster Configuration✓
1 Web Server✓
1 Database Server✓
CPanel Compatible✓
Private LAN connection✓
Up to 1Gbit Uplink Connection✓
Cluster Structure - Redundant

Database Master Replication

Initial Cluster Configuration✓
2 Database Server in Master/Master configuration✓
Compatible with any Web Server✓
Private LAN connection✓
Private Switch Available✓
Up to 1Gbit Uplink Connection✓
Technology - GloboTech

Robust Technology and GloboTech’s Expertise

Customizable Infrastructure


GloboTech will design, plan and deploy an infrastructure that is tailored to meet all your specific requirements.

1 Hour Hardware Replacement


Clusters allow easy expansion to accommodate your increasing traffic. By adding additional web , database and file servers, we can provide an extremely flexible infrastructure which is ready to handle your growth.

Fast Dedicated Server Delivery


Our clusters are all dedicated so you will have full control of the security and all the cluster resources will be available for your needs.

Support within 15 Minutes


GloboTech's clients with complex infrastructures will be provided with their own Technical Account Executive.

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