Introducing 10-Gbps unmetered dedicated servers

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Introducing 10Gbps unmetered dedicated servers.

We are proud to introduce high-bandwidth dedicated servers backed by 10-Gbps symmetrical uplink ports. Ramping up from 100-Mbps to 1-Gbps and now to 10-Gbps uplink port availability for dedicated servers, colocation services and private cloud infrastructures, it will provide players across all industries with the network capacity for their most demanding traffic applications.

Globo.Tech Communications’ lineup of high bandwidth dedicated servers will offer true, non-shared, symmetrical uplink ports to their customers. The network blends in multiple Tier-1 bandwidth providers to eliminate single points of failure and is combined with intelligent optimized routing, which offers the best possible route to reach any end point on the planet.

See our dedicated server lineup here: https://www.globo.tech/dedicated-server-hosting