Top 5 reasons to buy a cloud server

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Top 5 reasons to buy a cloud server.

Even though a dedicated server hosting platform is a great option for businesses, cloud hosting has its own potential features and bonuses! Read for the top 5 reasons to buy a cloud server.

Cloud hosting is evolving rapidly due to its inherent characteristics and flexibility. It refers to the method of flexible configuration of servers, where virtual servers host websites and derive their computing resources from a huge network of physical servers.

In cloud hosting, the network of web servers are wide-ranging and generally fetched from different data centers situated in different locations across the world.

Businesses who want to begin with small-scale yet efficient hosting alternative, cloud server is their best candidate!

To ease your dilemma, let us look at top 5 reasons why you need to buy a cloud server.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Cloud Server

Cost-effective alternative

Cloud hosting is flexible and cheaper than a dedicated server (bare metal), as the client only has to pay for resources they’ll be using. Whereas in dedicated hosting, the client leases the entire equipment and does not share it with anyone else.

  • Cloud hosting can improve your IT performance without subjecting high costs on buying infrastructure.
  • Medium and small-scale organizations that are experiencing variable market demands and workloads can go for cloud servers. Reason being, the cloud servers offer almost similar performance, control and security as dedicated servers do.
  • You just need to manage your Cloud server; the cloud environment is managed by the hosting provider. You do not need to deal with physical hardware.
  • Plus, cloud hosting is much easier to scale by buying resources according to the need, so your website won’t be down during sudden traffic boosts.

No doubt, dedicated hosting is better than cloud hosting in terms of security and speed, and it is an excellent platform when you want to make advanced modifications to your server setup.

But, businesses who are just starting out and want a powerful hosting platform than shared or traditional VPS hosting, will find cloud hosting very capable with amazing scalability.


Your website is the most powerful weapon for your business to outperform your competitors. Which is why, higher uptimes is an important factor to consider.

Cloud hosting is more reliable and embraces a simple logic as compared to shared or dedicated hosting.


In shared or dedicated hosting, you have computing resources that is pulled from a single server. So when the physical server fails, the system is likely to become unstable, thereby causing problems in your website.

In cloud hosting, such problems can be easily resolved as isolated resources are extracted from different virtual servers across different locations. Cloud hosting also proficiently isolates every individual server problems, so other servers remain unaffected.


When it comes to businesses, one of the best things about cloud hosting is its scalability and flexibility. The computing resources are made available in real time. It is not really limited to any physical capability of a server as in case of shared or dedicated hosting.

Hence, you will ONLY use what you need.

In case of a sudden traffic boost on your website, you will be able to access different computing resources instantly, thanks to the highly connected network of servers.

Whereas businesses that often have small numbers of visitors can access ONLY those computing resources which they need at that point to save costs.

In short, with a cloud server you can easily tap into required services as per your need and only pay for what you’re using. Your website can add or reduce resources such as RAM, storage, CPU, etc. from the wide-ranging resources provided by a network of multiple servers.

Safe and Secure

Cloud server hosting offers a safe and secure environment for your website. Hence, the information hosted is not prone to hardware failure whatsoever.

Most cloud hosting providers also engage in automated backups to ensure your server contents remain secure at all times.

Not just data security, but the inner layer of physical servers in cloud environments are also highly secured in their individual data centers.

In traditional hosting, the disaster recovery solution is not as powerful as in cloud. That’s because in traditional hosting, only one server hosts your applications and data. You have to look after the backup of your database all by yourself.


Cloud hosting providers like GloboTech offer various capable services that provide flexibility to cloud users.

Here are some of the best services encompassed in cloud server hosting offered by GloboTech:

SSH Key Pair Authentication

Now clients will be able to remotely access servers, upgrade files and folders and even modify their permissions via secure SSH key pair authentication method.

When you want to connect to your cloud server or even between servers, you can use SSH keys for secure authentication and login process. You can authenticate from multiple computers using the same cryptographic keys if you want, or even generate a new key pair for each client.

  • The SSH key pair comprises of a private and public key.
  • You store the private key is on your computer. The public key is on the server.
  • With the use of a key pair, your computer can connect with the server via SSH authentication.
  • If you lose one of the keys or there’s a miscalculation of keys, the connection between server and computer can’t be established.

Private LAN

GloboTech allows you to create a private LAN in the cloud to isolate your crucial servers. Any communication or data transfer between these servers will be secure, as it won’t be routed via a public network.

Security Groups

GloboTech Security Group is a list of IP filter rules. You can dictate how ingress and egress traffic will be handled by public and private interfaces of cloud servers.

The set of rules that you will add to the security group will be termed as security group rules.

With a security group, you can restrict access at the port and protocol level.

The set of rules defined must NOT be based on high privilege; rather, you must focus on ONLY allowing access that you require. Providing easy-going access can impose threat to your server’s security, causing breaches and attacks.

  • Security group rules can be levied to the public or private network component of a multiple or single virtual server instance.
  • With security groups, you restrict the incoming or outgoing traffic from that particular network, until you allow an explicit security group rule.
  • Incoming traffic is known as ingress.
  • Outgoing traffic is known as egress.

Wrap Up

With this we conclude our comprehensive post on top reasons to buy a cloud server. We can clearly see that cloud server hosting is a potential alternative to a dedicated server. Especially for businesses who’re just starting out.

Not only is a cloud server affordable, but also much more flexible, scalable, secure and reliable than traditional hosting. It uses high-end technology to host websites of organizations that really want to be competitive in this growing industry.

Indeed, cloud server is an excellent choice of mid-level and small-scale enterprises looking for flexibility along with great scalability.