The Advantages of a Managed Dedicated Server

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All servers require some degree of management in order to keep them up and running smoothly. It is a misconception that dedicated server management can be automated since it does require technical knowledge. Whether you choose to manage your server yourself, or if you opt for a third party to manage the server for you, ensuring that your server stays up-to-date is of critical importance.

At a bare minimum, operating systems, web servers and content management systems (WordPress, Joomla, etc) are vulnerable to security vulnerabilities and should be updated regularly. Hackers are constantly on the lookout for servers to compromise in order to use them for more nefarious uses such as Phishing scams, email and SPAM and of course turning your server into a bot that will be used at will to launch DDoS attacks. These compromised servers will of course no longer be operable by the server owner, and whatever is on the server (databases, sensitive client information, trade secrets, etc.) may be compromised as well, so the reasons for maintaining your as up to date as possible is critical if you are running your server for legitimate reasons.

Server management doesn’t stop at making sure that your software up to date. It also requires a constant monitoring with pro-active action in case a critical service or if the server goes down. Also be on the lookout for a service provider that will offer you a fast hardware replacement SLA in case your managed dedicated server needs to be repaired.

Make sure that your data is also backed up on a regular basis (at least once a day is recommended) to a remote server. This will ensure that you will be able to recover your data if you have a server malfunction. Having a bare metal recovery solution as an option is also a must-have since it allows you to restore your data sector-by-sector while by-passing the re-installation of your Operating System, Software and having to re-import your data.

For those clients who have custom configuration needs regarding software and maintenance, it is also a big selling point to have access to an On-Demand Management services. This allows the client to have access to the support team for specific needs they might have while not having to invest in a massive IT department. This is a great addition to any managed dedicated server.

Managed Dedicated Server

So it is more a questions about who will manage your server than anything, and thus two choices exist: Engage the professionals to monitor, patch and update you system or do it yourself. More and more, hosting companies are offering various plans to assist with managing a server or providing a full, turn-key solution for the users who would prefer their host to perform the management of the server. With GloboTech Communications, you can choose from multiple options for server management, whatever your needs or budget; we have a solution for you.