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Cloud Server Features

Best VPS Cloud Server Features

Designed using the latest technologies to be lightning-fast, easily scalable and resilient for the most demanding applications.

Super fast All-SSD Storage

Super fast All-SSD Storage

Optimized Routing

Optimized Routing

Firewall & Security Groups

Firewall & Security Groups

Resizable On-The-Fly

Resizable On-The-Fly

Root Administrator Access

Root Administrator Access



Storage Redundancy

Storage Redundancy

100% Intel® Cores

100% Intel® Cores

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Easy to use Cloud Portal
Cloud Server Features

GloboTech's Enterprise VPS Cloud Hosting Features

Our Cloud has been designed using the latest technologies to be lightning-fast, easily scalable and resilient for the most demanding applications.

  • Powered by OpenStack
  • Super fast All-SSD Storage
  • Operated by the best
  • Premium Connectivity
  • Pay only for the resources you use
  • Comprehensive and Easy-to-use Cloud Portal
  • Security Groups and SSH Keys
  • Private Networking


Answers to our frequently asked questions.

What is a VPS Cloud?

A VPS cloud is a VPS being built upon a Public Cloud infrastructure. It is NOT a VPS made from a single dedicated server but from multiple Compute nodes and Centralized storage which is extremely resilient and offer much more hosting features.

How and when will I have access to my VPS Cloud server?

Once you signup into our customer portal: our billing department will review the order and once approved, you will be able to create your VPS cloud (instance) within seconds.

Are all VPS Cloud server are compatible for my needs?

A VPS Cloud server will provide you IT resources (CPU, RAM, Storage capacity, storage performances (IOps) and bandwidth. As long as you have the right OS and right environment (for example, PHP versions, MySQL or MSSQL, Easy apache, Litespeed, IIS etc…) for your applications/3rd party software, and that you have enough IT resources to run your project, you will be able to use any VPS Cloud server.
Note that our qualified sales staff will be glad to help in case you need assistance choosing the right server for your needs.

What are the guarantees you offer with the VPS Cloud services?

GloboTech's prime focus is to build and strengthen long-term relationships with all our clients. We believe SLAs should be part of anyone's strategic planning when assessing their hosting ecosystem and we offer clear and straightforward guarantees for our services. We do offer a network and power uptime SLA of 100%, 90 seconds VPS Cloud server delivery, 1st response by our support team within 15 minutes and more. You can review our SLAs here:

Do you offer licenses such as cPanel/WHM, Plesk, Direct Admin, Windows Server OS licenses?

Yes we do, all licenses will need to be prepaid monthly and will be invoiced separately from the VPS Cloud servers. We do also offer additional licenses such as MSSQL, Imunify360, Litespeed, Softaculous, R1Soft licenses and many more. Contact our sales team for further informations

How do you charge for VPS Cloud?

The VPS Cloud services is charged per hour at the end of your monthly billing cycle. As this service is extremely flexible, you will only pay for what you will use.

As you are a Canadian data center, are you charging in USD or CAD currency?

We can actually offer you both
To signup and pay in USD currency: Click here
To signup and pay in CAD currency: Click here

Where is my server hosted?

All our VPS Cloud servers will be hosted in a state-of-the-art data center located in Montreal, Québec, Canada.

Service Level Agreements - GloboTech

Service Level Agreements

Our Virtual Private Server are backed by one of the best SLAs in the hosting industry with clear and straightforward guarantees.

100% Network & Power Uptime

100% Network & Power Uptime

Our fully-redundant network and power infrastructure has been designed for 100% uptime. It's as simple as that.

Fast Cloud Server Delivery

Fast VPS Cloud Server Delivery

GloboTech's Enterprise Cloud is designed to launch your new cloud servers within 90 seconds.

Support within 15 Minutes

First Response to support tickets within 15 minutes

We know that when you require support, you need it fast. We guarantee our first response to you within 15 minutes or sooner.

Included with all our Dedicated Servers & VPS Cloud Servers

We are always looking for new ways to improve our services and enhance your hosting experience with us.

Fundamental Management Plan

Fundamental Management Plan

All our Dedicated Servers include our Fundamental Management plan. Host with us and benefit with access to the best support in the industry.

Ddos Protection

DDOS Protection

GloboTech’s network offers native DDoS Protection and will protect your server against DDoS attacks up to 10 Gbps.

Optimized Bandwith

Optimized Bandwidth

GloboTech's network has been fully optimized and will have one of the lowest latencies possible. Ask us about testing our network.

Server Migration

Data Migration Consultation

Let GloboTech's staff assist you by creating a migration plan to ensure a smooth transition to a new server with us.

Need advice to choose the best Cloud hosting plan?

We're here to help you to choose the best plan that fits your project's scale

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